Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Best Android Phone?

Over at Mashable where I read this story by By Christina Warren the belief is the Galaxy S4 from Samsung...

Samsung Galaxy S4: Best Android Phone Ever

Samsung's Galaxy S III was one of the most successful Android smartphones of all time, but is the Galaxy S4 a worthy successor?
In a word: yes. The Galaxy S4 manages to build on the framework that helped Samsung sell over 40 million Galaxy S III devices in the first seven months, and it packs in new features and better specs to keep it competitive with the likes of the HTC One and other high-end Android devices.
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There is some arguments made though on whether the S4 really is the best. Over at Business Insider and article writen by Keven Smith suggests otherwise...

The Verdict Is In: Samsung's Galaxy S4 Isn't The Best Android Phone

Reviews are out for Samsung's latest smartphone the Galaxy S4. The general consensus is that the Galaxy S4 is a good phone and a modest upgrade from last year's Galaxy S3, but its cheap design leaves something to be desired.
Samsung was hugely criticized for choosing a plastic casing for the Galaxy S4 instead of metal and glass like its biggest competitors Apple and HTC.
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     We've looked at both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the new HTC One and it is hard to determine just which phone is best since both have strong and weak points in their design or hardware. In the coming days we'll bee taking a much closer look at how the two super phone compare to each other and just what phone is right for who.

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